Fat is good.

July 7, 2011

There is no question: Fat is essential. But tragically we tend to pigeon-hole “fat” in the “bad,” “I-am-going-to-getfat” category, and then when we do eat fat, we are missing out on what Mother Nature has to offer by rewarding ourselves with that other fat (the heated, processed, sugary, fake, defatted, fat).

While I have written about fats before, specifically “Mufa’s“, “Where to use different oils and fats in the kitchen“, and “Canola oil“, I am not sure if I have ever stressed just how important fat is in every diet.

The importance of  F A T.

  • Lipids (fats, fatty acids) are a part of every single organ in the body.
  • Fats make up part of the human tissue.
  • Fats can be stored in the body, protecting the organs and body from trauma and cold temperatures.
  • Fats act as a bouncy shield for the cells.
  • They protect against pathogens that are looking to invade the cells.
  • Fats are critical in the support of the nervous system.
  • Fats are invaluable in the production of hormones– and they affect our sex drive.
  • The skin needs fat to radiate, the brain to function optimally…

I could go on.

Long before I discovered nutrition, I eliminated almost all fat from my diet. It made sense– I was body conscious and getting rid of fat seemed perfectly logical. It seemed “healthy.” What I did not realize is that not only are fats a terrific source of energy, a diet without the “right” fats, is not “healthy.”


There are reasons Mother Nature provides us with the creamy avocado– nuts, seeds, plant oils, and mature coconuts, young thai coconuts, etc. Mother Nature also bares nutrient dense greens, juicy fruits and vegetables for optimal health, energy, and enjoyment. These same fruits and veggies, which are excellent sources of vitamins A, D, E, and K, also require fat to be optimally absorbed by the body.

The body functions as a whole organism. When it is thrown completely off balance (say– a body deprived of the right fat), the body starts to breakdown, and shut down. You would not bake a dessert and leave out some form of sweetener… or add too much salt, or too little creaminess. But if you did, it probably would not be well received. Balance is important, and because the body functions as a whole organism, it is also important to note that Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium. Without calcium the bones become weak. The bones deteriorate (a.k.a. Osteoporosis). Everything is connected. 

Of course not all fats are created equally (A Fat, is not a Fat, Is not a Fat). A french fry, or any fried oils, (and animal fats (meat, cheese, dairy), for that matter), are not beneficial. It is a pet peeve of mine when one assumes that thin people should eat fried foods, processed foods, and the like (“You can afford to eat that piece of cake, those fries, queso… yadda yadda”). I disagree. I do not think we need that kind of fat (ever). But we should all be getting the right stuff. The healthy, nourishing fats.

Another subject entirely, but weight is not synonymous with health.
I used to think it was. I used to think that a diet deprived of fat was a no brainer.
Plant fat is energy.
It is a cushion, an escort and assistant. Fat is a key component of health. 

Nourish the body with beneficial fats like: creamy avocados, nuts, seeds, unrefined-cold-pressed plant oils (olive, nut, seed), and young thai coconuts (and raw coconut butter), etc. These fats offer the body nutrients while keeping the body satiated and your energy up.  

When eaten in the right combination, these plant-based fats are not going to make you gain excess fat (unless you overeat, and then that applies to every food group). In order to achieve your goal weight, and radiate health, fat is a necessity. Your weight will balance at the right spot. You will notice how it affects your hair, nails, skin… mental state, bones, desires... you name it… fat plays a part.

Remember. The body functions as a whole organism.

So shake what Mother Nature gave ya and enjoy it. (yeah, yeah… nerdy attempt to be funny).

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My favorite “fats”!? Young Thai Coconut and Avocado!!!! What is your favorite “fatty” recipe?

How does fat play a role in your healthy living lifestyle?

10 thoughts on “Fat is good.

  1. Very insightful article, thank you! I used to skimp so bad on things like butter until I realized getting plenty of fat in my diet was important. What I realized is that I started to feel more full and desired to eat less when I incorporated more fats into my diet.

    • I believe you are referencing animal fats. But yes… you are right… an excess of difficult to digest fats (in particular processed, heated, and animal fats) will contribute to the diseases your mentioned.

      I would suggest reading The China Study.
      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Hi,
    I read on one of your posts that you make a “yogurt” from the young Thai coconuts. Is that to say that you just puree the meat? Is there anything else to it?

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