Butterleaf Boats with Nori and Sprouted Hummus 

September 30, 2017

Ever just a little “something-something” before running out the door to the gym, or before heading out to dinner?

I love these little butterleaf lettuce boats, because they are light, crisp and refreshing, but the Chipotle flavored nori sheets add a little extra kick, while sprouted hummus adds that element of creamy texture and clean plant protein. Fresh cherry tomatoes, add just a hint of juicy flavor and scallions just make the overall feel of this easy snack, feel a little more Texy-Mexy.

All it’s missing is avocado!


Butterleaf Boats with Nori and Sprouted Hummus 


5 butterleaf lettuce leafs, use a damp cloth to remove any dirt (Or use 5 crips romaine leaves)

5-10 SeaSnax Chipotle roasted seaweed snacks (1 pack)

5 tsp of Majestic sprouted raw hummus, FLAVOR?

1 tbsp fresh scallions, sliced into slivers

5 cherry tomatoes, halved



Layout 1-2 small sheets of SeaSnax Chipotle roasted seaweed snacks to each butterleaf lettuce piece.

Add a tsp of raw hummus to each butterleaf lettuce, and top with scallion pieces, and tomato halves, divided evenly.

The quickest, easiest, and lightest snack prior to heading out to dinner, or pre workout.


And off you go…

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