Diet Food Can Still Be the Food You Love!

A lot of people are on a diet struggle when it comes down to giving up their favorite foods; this is mostly due to the unnecessary elimination of a lot of favorites which would otherwise be permitted in moderation. Just because you are on a diet or taking diet pills, it does not mean that you have to completely eliminate all of your favorite snacks from the menu. Moderation and calorie counting are the keys to success in fast weight loss. You have to have self control and motivation in order to uphold the laws of moderation and calorie counting. Once you have mastered these two factors you can eat pretty much anything (excluding most fat food choices and foods high in trans fats).
The first step in mastering moderation and calorie counting is making a list of your favorite foods. Once you have made this list you have to decide which foods will be ok in moderation and which you should completely give up? When weight loss is the goal, foods that are high in trans fats and majority of fast food choices should be eliminated completely. However, keeping your favorite candy bar on the “ok to eat in moderation” list is completely acceptable. This is where calorie counting comes into play. Take your favorite candy bar and cut it into weight loss friendly 100 calorie portions. Wrap each piece individually and allow yourself to have one 100 calorie treat each day. This way you don’t completely have to give up your favorite chocolate snack and your weight loss diet is not in jeopardy.
So if you are on a diet, remember that moderation can help you attain quick weight loss. Getting rid of all of your favorite foods abruptly can lead to weight loss failure and resentment towards dieting. So be smart and control your portions and calorie intake.