Diet tips – HCG Injections For Weight Loss: Effective Or Not?

Losing weight has many side effects especially when a person is not able to take the right diet. Many people ended up seeing their doctor which is not the ideal scenario. Many health experts say that in order to lose weight, you must be able to cut down the calorie intake everyday so that you can achieve the desired weight that you want. They highly recommend it even though you take your regular aerobic exercise.

However, cutting the calorie is not easy at all. It is very challenging especially if you have a very toxic working environment where the only thing to survive the stress is eating. The good news is that there is one diet that you can try, which will let you lose weight and never let you starve.

HCG Injections And Weight Loss

HCG injections for weight loss are one of the most effective ways to lose weight if you are trying to take the calorie deficit diet. By taking shots of the HCG, you will be able to resist the temptation of binge eating and you will get the weight that you want.

The HCG shots are like diet pills that allow you to drop some pounds which lead to weight loss.

HCG injections for weight loss are beneficial for your health because you do not leave yourself starving which later on will trigger you to eat more than what you should eat.

Using the HCG Injections for Weight Loss

Using the HCG injections for weight loss requires you to take 500 calories of food every day. You can eat more than that but you must not exceed more than 800 calories. You must observe and count the calorie intake for the day because the effectiveness of the injection relies on the number of calories.

Before taking HCG injections, you must consult with your physician to avoid any irritating situations. Best Workouts For Women That Offer Two-Piece-Ready Body

If you ask experts in losing weight, they will not recommend you crush dieting. It harms your health and it does not provide a long-term result, which will only lead you to frustrations. To avoid going this path, here are some of the best workouts for women that you must start today so you can be ready in wearing your two-piece when summer arrives.

3 Best Workouts for Women

How to do: Grab a pair of dumbbells. If you do not have one, bottles of water are a better alternative. Stand on your left foot and lift your right foot behind. Make sure to bend your knee to make the right lower leg parallel to the floor.

Once you make your position stable, start bending forward at your hips and slowly lower your body. Pause when you feel that you cannot continue lowering the body. In this position, push the body back by using the glutes to push the hips instead of lifting from the back. Watch your chest and core. The chest must be in chest up position while the core must be engaged in the position.

Side Plank

Target: Tighten and shrinking the waistline (better than other abs exercises)

How to do: Side plank requires you to lie on your side. You can start on the left side or on your right side. Once you decided where to start check if your knees are straight. Then use your left elbow and forearm as you lift your body. Form a straight line from shoulder to ankles and raise the other arms not used for support. Make sure that you have a stable position within 30 seconds then change position.

Plank with Arm Raise

Target: Posture and confidence (You read it right. You’ll gain confidence with this exercise.)

How to do: Start by doing the plank position. It is similar to push-up position but you will be using your forearm to rest your weight. Always observe that your body forms a straight line. Lift your right arms by drawing your shoulder blades down and back. Switch arms after 5-10 seconds interval.