Healthy Weight Loss Now

You are going to learn the best way to eat for life, preserve, rather than slow, your metabolism and learn the best and most efficient exercise to accelerate your weight loss. You can also add some specific dietary supplements that can support you during the weight loss process This program will put an end to the pain and struggle You have better things to do than worry about what you are eating

One of the primary focuses of my eating plan is to supply you with the optimum amount of carbohydrates in the optimum form. About half the calories you take in should be from carbohydrate foods. There are several reasons for this. Being easily converted into glucose, carbohydrates provide the best fuel for most tissues such as muscles and heart, and are the only fuel that is used by the brain under normal (non starvation) conditions. Carbohydrates are a cleaner burning fuel than any other fuels your body uses, and puts less strain on your system. Gram for gram, they have they have half the calories of fat and, by eating more healthy carbs, you automatically eat less fat and less protein, which is better for your health and your metabolism.

But, as many dieters know by now, all carbohydrates are not created equal. There are complex carbohydrates, which we usually thinks of as “starches” and are obtained primarily from grains, potatoes, and starchy vegetables; and there are simple carbohydrates, which we usually think of as “sugars” and are obtained from fruits and vegetables, and other sweet food s. Some enlightened physicians are also aware of this distinction and tell their patients to avoid simple carbs and emphasize complex carbs. Although this is a step in the right direction, we need to to take this thinking one step further. The term “complex” and “simple” are useful but for our purposes they are almost meaningless. What is more important for anyone with a compromised metabolism and carbohydrate sensitivity is where a carbohydrate food falls on the glycemic index(