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How do you do?

The Nutritionist

Hi there! I’m Lauren.

I’ve always struggled to write about myself– so let me just be upfront. I am a Gemini– which means I am equal parts quirky, silly, and goofy, but also serious and grounded, never shy when it comes to connecting with strangers or singing karaoke, but bashful offscreen, and… a force to reckon with on stage. I love my green juices and kale salads, but also like to let loose with baked corn tortilla chips, guac, chocolate and wine.

Now that we’ve gotten that part out of the way, I can also share with you that I am very passionate about nutrition. In fact, I have been since the age 12 when I started to make a small connection between the idea of “nutrition” and how I looked and felt.

However, I got totally lost. I mean like needle in a haystack lost.

Between a multitude of “diets”, and money spent on beauty products, I had managed to master the art of depression, anxiety, panic attacks, bad skin, weight issues (+/-), insomnia and was something of a lost child, internally.

But… everything happens for a reason, and after a decade of disaster, I was connected with some incredibly inspiring mentors and girls on their own journey to freedom.

What I learned along the way, and thereafter, was life transforming. There is a direct correlation between the ingredients we consume, how we combine it, our digestive health, and our overall well-being. Not just our weight.

As a Certified Nutritionist, I have been working with health and beauty conscious clients for the past several years. My goal is to empower all of you to delve deeper into how what you eat impacts your weight, energy, skin and overall well-being. Truly, I want you to know that you can feel your absolute greatest in every aspect of your health. Every small step in the right direction, is a step in the right direction. If you want to work with me personally, feel free to check out my personal consulting services.

Let your transformation begin…
Lauren Talbot, Certified Nutritonist
Lauren Talbot at a farm
The Consultant

Hi there! I’m Lauren.

After spending half a decade privately consulting individuals on how to reach their health goals, I noticed a common theme and also a problem.

The common theme is that all my clients wanted to feel their best, and also to look their best. The problem was, that in eating healthier, they often felt isolated, or like “the problem child.” You know, like the one who feels awkward asking for what they really wanted at dinner without creating a scene… “dressing on the side,” “gluten-free,” the…. “Can I sub vegetables for fries?” Can we say #HighMaintenance?

More often than not, we want to make the decision that is going to make us feel the best, but we also want to have fun doing so. I am not sure I have ever heard someone say, “I can’t wait to go out to eat and feel bloated and lethargic afterward.” Or… “I cannot wait to go on a vacation and then go on an extreme diet to counter the side effects of overindulgence.” But I have also never heard a client, or myself, say, “gee, I wish I could have a flavorless meal.”

In truth, we want to feel rejuvenated, restored, and like the badass beautiful creatures that we are!

It is my absolute passion to create Wellness Concepts for hotels, and their restaurants and spas for an incredible experience on all fronts. I call this– Redefining Indulgence.

Redefine the Guest Experience for an absolute transformation…

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