Diet plans – Lemon Juice diet for losing weight

Lemon juice diet Lemon Juice diet for losing weightLemon can be a big friend for someone who is trying to lose weight. The Juice diet advocates a healthy diet plan based on sever principles. These are the principle upon which lemon juice diet is based (Via The Daily Mail).
In case you are able to mix these principles with your daily exercise system including 30 minutes of aerobics activity for five to six day a week, with in a week or so you will feel healthier and have the feeling of lose clothes. And within two weeks you will start losing pounds. So follow these seven principles to lose weight and to burn fat:

Start your morning with a lemon juice in a warm glass of water. Water plays an important role in weight loss so drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday. Keep alcohol consumption within limits and also keep tea and coffee to minimum. Stay away from fuzzy drinks and sweetened fruit juice.
Take five portions of fruit and vegetables every day.
Keep your blood sugar level healthy
Cut your intake of sugary goods
Avoid saturated fat and unsaturated fat can help you in losing weight by delaying the interval of carbohydrates into your bloodstream
Eat lots of whole foods
Chew your meals properly and eat slowly for better digestion system
Note – In case you are suffering from heartburn, kidney or gall bladder problems, or have a citrus allergy, consult your GP before going on lemon juice diet.