Diet tips – Severe weight loss due to chewing large amount of chewing gums

chewing gumsDoctors Britain warned that chewing large amount of sugar free gums can cause severe weight and diarrhea. According to the German researchers, sorbitol which is a sweetener and used in sugar free gums can have laxative effects when eaten in large amounts.

Doctors issued this warning after finding two people who were chewing more than 20 sticks of sugar free gum per day faced diarrhoea, stomach pain and unintentional severe weight loss.

The first person was a 21 year old woman who lost more than 1 ½ stones in the last eight months and was underweight. The second person lost more than 3 ½ stones in a tear time and was suffering from severe diarroea.

Once both of these patients were put on a sorbitol free diet, their symptoms were gone and they were able to gain the lost weight.