Diet pills – Weight Loss Diet Supplements

From the start you should know, I’m totally against regimented and overly restrictive diets. And – when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight I wholeheartedly embrace weight loss diet supplements and the “intuitive self-care” way of life.

This simple, yet extremely effective doctrine of emulating the way a naturally thin person thinks and acts in conjunction with the use of a diet supplement or a diet pill works wonders on virtually everyone I know.

Disciples of this doctrine know the world does not revolve around a number on a scale… and seldom if ever give weight watching a second thought.

Clearly, this puts most of us in the enviable position of wishing that we too could be naturally thin.

Well guess what? YOU CAN!

A faulty belief system about weight loss supplements

Isn’t it strange how you’re able to make rational intelligent, decisions about every other aspect of your life, but when you sit down to eat, despite promising yourself you’ll have fewer and smaller portions you end up eating two to three times more than you planned. This morning you told yourself you wouldn’t do that. But for some reason, you do, in spite of your best intentions.

Most people make the mistake of thinking it’s just a question of will power. But this is plainly a farce that has its roots in a faulty belief system.

To think like a thin person is to have the intuitive ability to successfully navigate your way through the 80 percent of the foods you find in the supermarket that are processed and depleted of nutrients. And, when you include proven weight loss diet supplements in the mix you just can’t fail.

When you think and behave like a naturally thin person your “Inner Mind” connects with the outer physical state and changes it automatically. You begin to feel stronger, have more will power, and truly begin to believe YOU…CAN … DO…IT!

A naturally thin person realizes that weight loss vitamins and weight loss
supplements will help, but they can’t free your body from persistent malnourishment…and to remain thin you need a varied diet rich in greens, fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, protein, phytochemicals, fibers and healthful fats.

When you acquire and implement this “internal compass” you just can’t go wrong. You feel a powerful change come over you and your desires. You begin to actually LIKE the feeling of still being hungry…even at the end of each meal because you know you’ve eaten qualitatively and not quantitatively and that it takes a while for the message to get to your brain. So you realize you DON’T need to feel satisfied before getting up from the table…pounds begin to melt away, and…CHANGE BECOMES PERMANENT! You never worry about putting it back on…not next month, not next year, not EVER!

Dispelling the myth

A striking and persistent myth that prevails even to this day is that it’s impossible for a fat person to be malnourished. Fact is, for the first time ever there are as many obese people as there are starving people, and…ironically, both suffer from malnutrition.

Despite eating thousands of calories day after day, we still feel hungry (especially if you’re not using diet pills). This is because our bodies aren’t getting the nourishment they need. And, while a naturally thin person knows it’s a manifestation of ongoing malnutrition many of us continue to think it is a question of will power. Your cells don’t have “will power.” They’re calling out for nourishment which translates into uncontrollable hunger.

A salad-a-day won’t do the trick. To give your body a serious nutritional boost, you need to look beyond the realm of “normal” food and into the realm of “superfoods” and meaningful supplements These foods are prized not only for their therapeutic health benefits…but also because they’re packed with rare trace minerals, potent enzymes, absorbable protein, essential fatty acids, and powerful antioxidants.

Since many of us are not fortunate enough to be naturally thin, at least we can achieve the same results by behaving like those who are…And eventually, as always, practice will make perfect!